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How Serious Is It To Protect The Skin From Harmful UV Rays

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard plenty of information about how to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. But many individuals are less than convinced that it is that critical an issue. In fact, in the past, sunbathing was a routine activity for most of the world. Laying in the sun and literally cooking your flesh was a common activity that everyone engaged in. Naturally, in the modern-day, we are well aware of the damage that this type of activity can cause. Spending an inordinate amount of time in the sun soaking up solar radiation can cause all manner of problems with your skin, not the least of which is cancer, melanoma and carcinoma. In addition to life-threatening diseases, exposure to sunlight and solar radiation for extended periods of time causes the body to absorb UV rays, harmful radiation from outer space that causes wrinkling, dry skin and premature aging.In fact, opinions about sunbathing have changed so much in the course of just a few short years that there a...


The ABC's of Cleaning Your Contacts

There are many benefits to wearing contact lenses and over the years since they first came on the market they have become safer and more durable. Today users can choose from a variety of different contacts some of which are even able to be worn for extended periods of time. However some things about these lenses have stayed the same.For example there is still a real need to understand how to care for the contacts in a proper manner and not only how to put them in and take them out but what kind of cleaning solution is the best to use. Contact lenses are a big investment and looking after them properly can help increase your peripheral vision as well as your ability to play sports effectively. However there's no way around the right cleaning solution.As well, there are different kinds of contact lens and one of the more common ones is called the daily wear contact. These must be cleaned and disinfected at the end of the day and stored in a special case since there is always a risk of infection to the eye when...


What is Gingivitis and What Causes it?

You may have heard your dentist or dental hygienist talk about Gingivitis, but what is it? What causes Gingivitis and how can it be treated? Whether you've been diagnosed with Gingivitis or are just curious, this guide will inform you on all the basic, including symptoms, causes, and treatments and preventative measures. After reading this article you'll be able to tell if you are at risk for developing Gingivitis, you'll also learn how to prevent Gingivitis or how it should be treated if you've already got it.What is Gum disease?Gingivitis, quite simply, is a non-serious form of gum disease. It is mild, or non-serious in its early stages but can lead to more serious periodontal disease. Gingivitis has been known to cause swelling of the gums, but in many cases it is so mild that Gingivitis can be totally unperceived by you. Unfortunately, even if you don't know that you have it, Gingivitis can be causing more serious damage. The resulting inflammation and infection can destroy tissues in your mouth th...


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