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Date: Sunday, April 5th, 2009
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Location: Doug Rowsell’s house (Toronto)

Present at the meeting: Doug Rowsell, Yury Shvedenkov, Cameron Ackerley, Ladi Horak, Shlomi Rosenzweig, Leslie Farkas, Chris Lenartowicz, Todor Boiadjiev,

Before the meeting we had a chance to view Yury’s new F1C wings. Yury has done a lot of work! His wings use self-made carbon D-boxes (Uni-directional carbon over carbon cloth) and utilize a high aspect ratio 4 panel layout with Mike Archterburg’s airfoils. They were expertly covered in Mica Film and were very, very stiff! He also showed his new stabilizers and some machining work produced on his new lathe! Nice work Yury!
Tony showed his new 6 panel F1B Wakefield with an Icarex covered Andriukov wing mounted to a special Vichar Electronic fuselage with a variable pitch front-end.

1) The first discussion was about a Team Manager. Specifically, we needed to appoint one! Tony talked about his suggestion that Norm Beattie be considered for the job due to his past experience and character. Everyone present agreed and if Norm will accept the post, he is our new Team Manager. Welcome aboard Norm!

2) The second discussion was about travel plans. Doug Rowsell has a contact at a Travel agency (Croatian?) and is waiting for additional information on accommodation near the field at a reasonable rate that includes air conditioning and a shower.
Ladi and others felt that air conditioning is important if it is possible. And Ladi has some special needs that require his own bathroom facilities.
Leslie will look into the Hotel Macola (see his E-mail already) that is 12 km from the field. He will check to see if air conditioning is available and can tentatively book rooms to secure them for the team. The booking can be cancelled later if necessary. The F1B team requires 3 Dbl rooms, the F1A team requires 2 Dbl rooms the F1C team requires 2 Dbl rooms plus rooms for supporters and team manager.

3) The tentative travel schedules were discussed. The F1B team wants to arrive on or near the 13th of July and will be staying until the 26th of July. It was suggested that team members co-ordinate with Leslie and Norm with their travel plans. The World cup contest “Vilim Kmoch Memorial” will take place July 17th & 18th before the W/C. I think that it is a good idea for team members to attend this contest to get some high level training in before the big event.

4) We discussed the idea that all team members should stay in the same location. Tony mentioned that as Team Manager in Odessa, he found it frustrating to try and contact team members that were at various locations because not everyone had access to a cell phone. Thus, if we do not elect to all stay together, we should try and co-ordinate some sort of communication system with European enabled cell phones or something like that.

5) The use of Walkie Talkies was discussed. It was not apparent what had happened to out old Walkies and we checked to see who had some. Chris says that he has 2 Cobra units that are good for 30km on the ground (!!). It was suggested that the Team or Toronto FF group look into purchasing some walkies for the W/C. Chris will look into the specs of what we need and find out about the cost and availability for the next meeting. The cost has gone down a lot in the last decade so this should be do-able.

6) We discussed the Team T-shirts. Leslie told us that he has taken care of this (as he always does – thanks Leslie!) and will have something to show us soon.

7) We discussed some of the extra accessories that might be required. Chris suggested that he might bring a small tent with him and his wife for the team’s use. Leslie has a small 1/2 tent that could be used. It was also suggested that all team members and supporters pack some rain gear as it pays to be prepared!
Leslie reminded us that the current travel rules here allow 2 x 23 kg checked baggage and 1 carry-on. Team members should look into whether their model boxes are “over-sized” as an additional fee might be levied if that is the case.

Many of us now put our model boxes into hard Gold cases as they seem to be exempt from the oversize fee due to being considered a “sporting”  device.

8) We are not sure at this moment how much money to expect from MAAC. But Leslie suggested that it might be aprox $1,200.00 minus the entry fee (250 Euro competitor, 150 Euro Team Manager). As usual, MAAC supplies 1/2 the FAI travel allotment up front and the remaining 1/2 after the contest and after everyone (competitors AND team manager) has submitted a report. Take notes and keep it short guys! I submitted a very lengthy report after the last W/C that was never seen again! A small digital voice recorder might be a handy thing to keep notes on as things occur to you (suggested by Leslie).

9) Yury asked about fuel for F1C BEFORE the world cup contest for testing. Perhaps Norm can look into this and see if this is possible. In Odessa fuel was available, but only small amounts. More could be purchased. It was an ongoing problem. The American’s resorted to brewing their own!

More discussions of individual duties (retrieving etc.) will be left for later meetings.

Tony Mathews

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Meeting Minutes – January 18th, 2009

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Toronto FF Group Meeting
Location: Doug Rowsell’s house
Date: January 18th, 2009 2:00 p.m.

Those who made it through the snow: Doug Rowsell, Leslie Farkas, Tam Thompson, Tony
Mathews, Jerry McGlashan, Jiri Horak, Todor Boiadjiev, Chris Lenartowicz, Shlomi
Rosenzweig, Richard Grulinski, Simon Blake, Yury Shvedenkov

Before the meeting began, Todor showed off his new Datrek Golf hard case, with a
new, simple, rectangular wood F1A box inside. This is a new trend, make a basic,
but lightweight model box, and then enclose it in an indestructable “travel box”
that will remain in the Motel room when you travel. I think that Tam started this
with his Aluminum “Instrument” case over a decade ago.

Leslie had some photo of a new source of high-tech carbon fiber parts from Hungary.
The prices were excellent, and the quality looked good too! F1A, B and C, D-boxes
and tailbooms and F1A nose pods as well as F1B motor tubes and pylons were shown.
Looked like good stuff! Leslie will keep us informed as to the contact info etc.
I’m sure.

As the meeting began, the following items of busines were discussed:

1) It was suggested by Leslie that the Toronto FF Group should have some sort of
web presence. A basic web-site was suggested with some photos, contact information
(of club members) contest schedules etc. Shlomi Rosenzweig suggested that he had
the experience and expertise to create such a site and would offer his services
to the club at no charge! I think we should take him up on his offer! But we should
keep in mind that the content will be up to us! When this happens, we need to make
sure that Shlomi gets our photos, contest reports and any other content that we
think might be interesting.

2) Chris Lenartowicz then discussed his new contest the “Pan American Cup”. To be
CD’ed by Ron Felix, this event is scheduled to take place in between the annual
Isaacson Memorial contest, and the MaxMen International FAI contest in Lost Hills
CA. Chris and Ron got the ball rolling rather quickly and managed to get the contest
arranged for the 2009 schedule. Chris then discussed the concept and philosophy
behind this contest. Chris has felt for some time that we North Americans are at
a disadvantage to the Europeans as we have far fewer World Class contests on our
continent during the course of a year. And he felt that there was a need for a “North
American” Championships, similar to the European championships. While we currently
can go to some excellent World cup FAI contests in the USA and Canada, there is
no Championships available to North Americans other than the World Championships,
which is only available every 2 years, and then only to team members. I think that
both Chris and Ron should be commended and supported for their efforts to get this
event off the ground. We should wish them success and luck and let’s hope this becomes
a premier event on the calender!

3) A good discussion commenced regarding a possible Junior program. The Us has an
excellent program that develops new flyers and send junior teams to the Junior W/C
every 2 years. But here in Canada we don’t have anything to compare. One of the
stumbling blocks is sponsorship, and Leslie discussed his efforts to try and secure
some Government assistance. The other stumbling block is finding a suitable location
for building models. It should be mentioned that we have two very experienced instructors
in our club in Chris and Shlomi. Shlomi told us that he was an instructor in Israel
with 15 years of experience! And Chris had similar experience in Poland with a successful
junior program. Both offered to lend their hand to a junior program and if we can
make this happen, we should really take advantage of their special skills and generosity.

4) The 2009 contest schedule was discussed, but all the available dates for CFB
Borden are not yet fixed. Leslie told us that the dates are usually reserved by
the end of March.

Here is a tentative schedule:

July 11,12th – Huron Cup Cd- Jerry McGlashan and Patty Aug ?? Cd- Doug Rowsell and
Yury Shvedenkov Sept 3, 4th Canada Cup Cd- Leslie Farkas Oct ?? Cd- Tony Mathews

The Huron and Canada Cup contests are well established meets now with America’s
cup status, and at least one will be a World cup event. Doug Rowsell agreed to once
again run his August contest. This was always an excellent meet with very good weather
(usually!). I think he roped Yury into helping!

Tony Mathews expressed interest in running an October meet. I’d like any input on
possible events. FAI events for sure, but I’d like to run some events that might
be attractive to Juniors as well. Such as Hand launch and Catapult glider, and maybe
Open Rubber?

5) Leslie told us that the Borden fees are aprox $600.00 per year. We should keep
in mind that our participation helps to offset these costs. So come out and support
these contests!

Leslie will look into the possibility of booking some additional dates at Borden
for test flying. He will see what sort of deal can be made for us with the Base.
I’m sure some smooth talking will be occurring!

6) the next meeting will be some time near the end of March.

To all 2009 FAI team members, note that Leslie will be providing a firm commitment
form to be filled out and sent to MAAC ASAP. If you are going to Croatia, let’s
say so for sure now!

7) Doug Rowsell discussed a new possible flying site. A very large Sod Farm was
spotted by Doug and Tony near Angus. This Sod farm would be large enough to fly
3 minute flights on with a breeze! Previously, Doug had felt that this field would
be off limits for flying as he had some contact with the owner some years ago. But
this past fall, Tony spotted a group of R/C flyers using the field! Doug promised
to follow up on this (armed with the Zone director’s contact info) and get to the
bottom of this opportunity. It may be that we will need to join the local R/C club,
and always have a valid MAAC membership in order to fly there.
Jiri Horak then amused us with some miniature indoor R/C helicopter flying!

See you all at the next meeting!

Tony Mathews

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