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FAI FF Trials results for 2013 World Champs

by on Sep.10, 2012, under Competitions, Reports

Dear Friends,
Please find attached the results of the 2012 FAI FF Team Trials held Labour day weekend (Sept 1-3rd) at CFB Borden.
First off, I want to thank all those competitors that participated. Everyone flew very well and every one of them would make a deserving team member.
But with only 3 places available for each category some people were going to be happy and some were going to be disappointed!
We lucked out with great weather for all three days. Temperatures in the high twenties (C) with blue skies and light winds each day.
As some of you know, this year MAAC requested that the trials be decided by the results from two separate contests, ideally on different weekends. The idea was to encourage participation in the yearly contest schedule and to avoid the tendency for some individuals to hibernate for two years and fly only at the trials. Unfortunately, this concept doesn’t suit a geographically vast country like Canada with modelers spread out nearly from coast to coast. Several modelers from out west expressed their desire to participate in the trials this year so a compromise was made. We would still have two contests to decide the trials (and the competitor MUST fly both to qualify for the team) but they would both take place over the labour day weekend.
As a result a different trials format was arranged with the results of each contest going towards the final placing. The lowest total score (1 point for each placing) would decide the team members. This approach made it important to do well each day as a slip up could cost you a team place.
Saturday morning dawned calm but very foggy. As a result, the first round was delayed until the fog had cleared and until we could determine which direction (if any) the wind was drifting towards.
The contest got underway with many maxes being recorded for the extended max first round. The light winds made for some pleasantly short retrievals for some and some very nice flights were observed. Some huge thermals were seen during Saturday afternoon. Ladi Horak and Bernard Guest (Calgary) each had a flyaway in F1B (same giant thermal) even though they dt’d early (radio DT) because their models did not decend on DT. Bernard’s actually went up and out of sight on DT!
At the end of the day 6 competitors (2 in each class) had full scores requiring fly-offs in each class to decide the winners. This was certainly new for an FAI FF Trials at Borden!
The wind had picked up at the end of round seven and did not abate until just before sunset, so it was decided to hold the fly-offs on Sunday morning just after sunrise.
Sunrise on sunday again dawned very calm and foggy so there was a slight delay while we waited for the fog to clear enough to fly.
The first flyoff was in F1A wirh Vidas Nikolajevas going head to head with Jama Danier. Jama had been launching extremely high with his new LDA model while Vidas was flying extremely consistently with his conventional profile model. Most of the smart money was on Jama with his launch height advantage from his LDA model. Jama towed up first and launched but not quite to his usual standards (the launch was a bit to the right). Vidas towed up after Jama and found some bouyant air on tow and made a clean launch. While Jama slowly glided down it was apparent that Vidas had found some good air as his model held height for a long time. In the end it was Vidas coming out on top with a very good 6:50 and Jama would settle for second place with 6:15. So much for the LDA advantage at sunrise!
The next flyoff was in F1B with Ladi Horak going against Bernard Guest of Calgary flying in his first team trials.
Bernard wound first but broke a motor in his model whilst adding additional turns and broke the fin and pylon when his motor broke! He switched to the reserve model but repeated the proceedure with another broken model and no flight recorded! Too bad as Bernard’s model had been going very well on saturday and he was very keen to try and humble Ladi! Ladi wound and made a very nice flight for a 5:52 score in gentle drift.
The F1C boys decided that they didn’t want to risk their models going into the woods and chose to have a hand launch flyoff with Yuri Shvedenkov just beating Rostislav Perchensky by less than 1 second!
The flyoffs delayed the start of Sunday’s contest but we were underway soon after with very good conditions. The air was a bit trickier than Saturday morning with only 1 max in F1B and three sub max flights in F1A. Again there were huge thermals on Sunday afternoon with models seen climbing to incredible heights before slowly decending on DT. Fritz Gnass lost a model to a giant thermal on Sunday afternoon. Yuri Shvedenkov lost an F1C to a wind shift and a very large wandering glide circle. I think it is better to have a slightly tighter glide circle at Base Borden as the field is surrounded by trees on all sides.
The afternoon saw some dropped flights in F1A as the pressure was on to try and fly perfectly especially for those that had dropped flights in Saturday’s contest.
2 competitors in F1A had perfect scores on Sunday – Shlomi Roszenweig and Vidas Nikolajevas. A flyoff was not needed to determine the team placings on Sunday as the total placings had determined theteam.
For F1A the team for the 2013 W/C is: Vidas Nikolajevas, Shlomi Roszenweig and Peter Allnutt. Coincidentally the same team as had flown so well at the 2011 W/C in Argentina.
For F1B the team is: Ladi Horak, Tony Mathews and newcomer Bernard Guest. bernard has been a long time free flighter and accomplished builder/flyer and this is his first full year flying FAI models. I’m sure that he will be a great asset to our team with his enthusiasm and energy.
For F1C the team is: Yuri Shvedenkov, Rostislav Perchensky and Frank Schlacta, the smae team that we have sent for several W/C now. This is an experienced team capable of very good results.
I want to thank Nina Slezak for all of her help keeping score on the weekend. I couldn’t have done it without her!
On Monday some of us went itno the woods after the lost models and retrieved all but Yuri’s F1C. Leslie Farkas will arrange for an opportunity for Yuri to get onto the site with a tree climber to retrieve the model.
Thank you all for your efforts and hard work. I think we have chosen a very strong team that should do us proud in France in 2013.
Tony Mathews
FF Chairman


Context #1
No Competitor Name: Time (secs)
Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Flight 5 Flight 6 Flight 7 total Flyoff Placing #1
1 Peter Allnutt 130 180 180 180 180 168 158 1176 3
2 Jama Danier 210 180 180 180 180 180 180 1290 375 2
3 Shlomi Roszenweig 210 180 180 180 180 46 180 1156 5
4 Todor Boyadzhiev 210 118 180 180 177 180 120 1165 4
5 Vidas Nikolajevas 210 180 180 180 180 180 180 1290 410 1
6 Leslie Farkas 0 176 180 180 71 110 180 897 6
9 Contest #2 Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Flight 5 Flight 6 Flight 7 total Flyoff Placing #2 Placing final Total
10 Peter Allnutt 151 180 180 180 180 180 180 1231 3 6
11 Jama Danier 194 151 119 103 180 180 180 1107 5 7
12 Shlomi Roszenweig 210 180 180 180 180 180 180 1290 1 6
13 Todor Boyadzhiev 210 175 95 180 180 180 180 1200 4 8
14 Vidas Nikolajevas 210 180 180 180 180 180 180 1290 1 2
15 Leslie Farkas 200 180 0 180 180 180 180 1100 6 12


Contest #1
No Competitor Name: Time (secs)
Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Flight 5 Flight 6 Flight 7 Total Flyoff Placing #1
Ladi Horak 240 180 180 180 180 180 180 1320 352 1
Tony Mathews 240 180 180 180 167 180 180 1307 3
Fritz Gnass 240 180 180 180 180 126 149 1235 4
Bernard Guest 240 180 180 180 180 180 180 1320 0 2
Cameron Ackerley 240 180 180 180 68 180 180 1208 5
Paul Beldam dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf 0 6
Contest #2 Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Flight 5 Flight 6 Flight 7 Total Flyoff Placing #2 Placing final Total
Ladi Horak 226 180 180 180 180 180 180 1306 2 3
Tony Mathews 240 180 180 180 180 180 180 1320 1 4
Fritz Gnass 219 180 169 180 180 180 180 1288 3 7
Bernard Guest 114 180 180 122 180 180 0 956 4 6
Cameron Ackerley dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf 0 5 10
Paul Beldam dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf 0 6 12


Contest #1
No Competitor Name: Time (secs)
Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Flight 5 Flight 6 Flight 7 Total Flyoff Placing #1
Yuri Shvedenkov 240 180 180 180 180 180 180 1320 6.5 1
Rostislav Perchensky 240 180 180 180 180 180 180 1320 6 2
Frank Schlacta 240 86 166 101 180 180 180 1133 3
Srdjan Arambasic dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf 4
Contest #2 Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Flight 5 Flight 6 Flight 7 Total Flyoff Placing #2 Placing final Total
Yuri Shvedenkov 240 180 180 180 180 120 180 1260 1 2
Rostislav Perchensky 240 180 180 180 180 72 180 1212 2 4
Frank Schlacta 240 180 180 180 180 0 0 960 3 6
Srdjan Arambasic dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf 4 8

Note: lowest total points wins – calculated by adding results of both contests

7 x 180 seconds for FAI events except 1st round @ 210 sec for F1A, 240 sec for F1B/F1C

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Jack McGillivray

by on Aug.19, 2010, under Reports

Dear modeller friends,

It is with deep sadness I have to inform you that our long time friend, and outstanding modeller, Mr. Jack McGillivray has passed away in Toronto today. Jack represented Canada at the World Championships thirteen times in F1B and twice in F1A. He was a great ambassador for our sport and he will be dearly missed by all of us.

Toronto Free Flight Group and the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada

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Huron Cup 2009

by on Sep.28, 2009, under Reports

Hello – here are the results of the 2009 Huron Cup competition that took place at base Borden.


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Report – Pan American Open (by Ron Felix)

by on Mar.12, 2009, under Reports

This contest was originated by Chris Lenartowicz, with the help of Peter Allnutt and Ron Felix – thus making it a joint Canadian & American effort. The purpose of the contest was to fill the need for a team-type competiton in this Hemisphere, similar to that of a European Champs. The award structure was created to acknowledge both teams and individuals from the Americas, as well as teams and individuals from outside the Americas – in essence, it was Pan American as well as Open.
To clarify this further, four (4) distinct contests were run concurrently:

1. One contest was for Individuals from countries within the Americas in F1A, F1B, and F1C, with gold medals for the first place winners in each event.

2. Another contest was for three-person teams from countries within the Americas (i.e., all team members are Canadian or USA, with no limit on the number of teams), involving F1A teams, F1B teams, and F1C teams. Gold medals were awarded to each team member on the first place teams for each event.

3. Open – A contest for individuals from any nation in F1A, F1B, and F1C, with gold, silver & bronze medals in each event for the first three places.

4. Open – A contest for three-person teams of any national or mixed makeup, involving teams for F1A, F1B, and F1C. Awards were medals – three golds, three silvers, and three bronzes, which were given to each team member on the first, second, and third place teams respectively.
In addition, diplomas were given to all participants, regardless of their placing in their entered event.
Up until Wednesday the day before the contest, it was not clear how many people would ultimately pay and enter this contest. However, a forcast for good weather the following day (along with forecasted possible bad weather during the Max-Men Weekend), brought out many additional paying entries at the last minute. It simply appeared that many decided to take advantage of the forecasted good weather and compete. As such, registration the evening before and during the morning of the contest made for some hectic administration.
The contest day started with light winds out of the west, and these gently shifted as the day progressed – eventually ended up with a light breeze blowing to the west. Winds were light enough to keep models visible throughout the day, and into the flyoffs – where binoculars were necessary. Temperatures ranged from approximately 40 degrees F to 60 degrees F throughout the day, and the skies varied from cloudy to partly cloudy. Throughout the day, we were also lucky to be spared from any rain or showers.
The standard of flying was very high – in no small part due to the very high caliber of the competitors themselves. In addition, it was apparent that many were also very determined to get ready for the World Champs. This was the case in all events, but especially in F1A. One flyer told us that he would never have thought that after making seven maxes, then making the five minute max, and then the seven minute max in the flyoffs- that he was ONLY able to finish 15th after the final round. It should also be said that some Teams – the USA included, used this as a team practice competition for the upcoming World Champs in Croatia. In this case, they flew in rotation, one man in the air at one time, during which time they were overseen by their Team Manger.
Scoring was run manually on desk-top mounted sheets, along with a large movable-position scoreboard with individual placards for each competitor. This was designed and constructed by Peter Allnutt specifically for this event. In addition, the use of a computer with an Excel Spreadsheet controlled/backed everything up until the fifth round. However, a computer crash created a pandemonium in the manual scoring because of the tedious team calculations. This was the situation right up until the contest end. After finding an oversight in not including one team, the final calculations had to be completed and checked the following day. As such, the team awards took place at the Max Men Banquet with the permission of Mr. Jim Parker, President of SCAT.
The contest ended with champagne, beer, wine and potato chips on the field, provided by Peter Allnutt. Judging by the amount of “empties” found on the ground the following morning, we assume that many people had a good time.
It must be said that help was given by many to run this contest, and this included Canadians and Americans, as well as the SCAT and the Max-Men organizations. We are indebted to them for providing their encouragement, help, and some equipment, for which we are very thankful.

Ron Felix

Here are the results: F1A, F1B, F1C

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